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Canaport LNG Terminal - Vibration Monitoring

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick
Client: Consbec Inc. and Louisbourg Pipeline Inc.

Project Description

The Canaport LNG facility is a marine terminal capable of receiving natural gas from ships and distributing the gas through pipeline to the eastern United States. During construction of both the terminal and associated natural gas pipeline a substantial amount of rock excavation was required. Conquest Engineering Ltd. provided vibration monitoring and pre-blast surveys of nearby residences and commercial buildings. 

Proponent’s Responsibility on the Project

Responsibilities included performing pre-blast surveys of residences and structures within a specified radius of the blasting areas, as well as monitoring and reporting the recorded vibrations from each blast event.

Key Responsibilities included:

  • Coordinating with multiple construction managers and blasting crews prior to construction to perform the necessary pre-blast surveys.
  • Meeting with home/business owners to schedule and carry out pre-blast surveys.
  • Perform vibration monitoring at several strategic locations for multiple blast events between Saint John and St. Stephen, using state of the art seismograph monitors.
  • Report vibration monitoring results and coordinate with the blasting crews to modify blasting strategies as required.

Relevance of the Project

Our involvement throughout the rock excavation phase of the project demonstrates our abilities and experience through:

  • Planning, coordinating, and safely completing the necessary pre-blast surveys.
  • Performing vibration monitoring for several blasting crews, each carrying out multiple blasts per day over a large work area.
  • Close working relationships with the construction crews to perform the required tasks within schedule.