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Halifax Shipyard Facilities Modernization

Location: Halifax Shipyard, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Client: Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

Project Description

The Halifax Shipyard is embarking on a facilities modernization and upgrade for the Shipbuilding contract and other work. The project will involve several new buildings, marine structures, laydown areas, and related structures. The design included recommendations for various land based and marine structures.

The proposed modernization and upgrade includes:

  • Construction of new buildings in the north yard including an Ultra-Hall and Service building,
  • Dredging,
  • New marine structures in the north yard,
  • Construction of a machine shop wharf in the north yard,
  • Parking structure,
  • Concrete cribs, sheet piles,
  • Infilled laydown area in the north yard.

Proponent’s Responsibility on the Project

Responsibilities included developing a geotechnical investigation program to suit the needs for the proposed upgrades, develop the field program, and coordinate field staff and subcontractors. Also responsible for management of budget, scope changes and schedule, and preparation of a detailed geotechnical report.

Key Responsibilities included:

  • Completed 14 marine boreholes and 20 land-based boreholes as part of a geotechnical investigation for the current development concepts. Our work including discussing with Shipyard personnel on the best scope of work and the quickest way to get started.
  • Arrange for a barge crew and drill rig for the marine work. The land-based holes were conducted at the same time with another drill rig and Conquest field technician.
  • Conduct laboratory testing including soil classification testing and bedrock uniaxial compressive strength and point load tests.
  • Prepare a complete geotechnical report summarizing our findings and providing recommendations for deep foundations (eg: piles), rock anchors, ground improvement techniques (eg: dynamic compaction), infilling, marine structures including concrete cribs, and shallow foundations.

Relevance of the Project

Our overall effort for the shipyard modernizations and upgrades demonstrates our knowledge and requirements for the following:

  • The Project was completed safely, on time and within budget.
  • The gathering of all relevant geotechnical, geological, survey and bathymetry information available for the existing facilities in the Halifax Shipyard.
  • Coordination with subcontractors to develop and schedule the geotechnical investigation.
  • Close working relationships with Irving shipbuilding to ensure the investigation and design recommendations met all requirements for the modernization and upgrades.
  • Geotechnical design of various marine and land based structures.