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Burnside Business Park Expansion - Phases 12-4, 12-5, 12-6

Location: Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Client: CBCL Limited

Project Description

The project involved three phases of commercial lot development, totaling 44 commercial lots.

The proposed expansion included:

  • Lot Grading for 18 commercial lots for Phase 12-4,
  • Lot Grading for 26 commercial lots for Phase 12-5 and 12-6,
  • Cutler Avenue construction,
  • Wilkinson Avenue extension,
  • Higney Avenue construction.

Proponent’s Responsibility on the Project

Responsibilities included geotechnical inspection and materials testing for the grading of 44 commercial lots throughout all three phases of expansion, developing a geotechnical investigation program, developing the field program, and coordinating field staff and subcontractors. Also responsible for management of budget, scope changes and schedule, and preparation of a detailed geotechnical report.
Key responsibilities included:

  • Completed a total of 165 test pits as a geotechnical investigation to evaluate the subsurface conditions on the site. Laboratory materials testing was conducted on select samples.
  • Geotechnical inspection and materials testing for Cutler Avenue, Wilkinson Avenue, and Higney Avenue included:
    • Subgrade inspection and testing,
    • Compaction testing of Type 1 and Type 2 Gravel placed for the roadway,
    • Compaction testing of Type 1 Gravel for the services bedding and cover,
    • Concrete testing for curb and sidewalks,
    • Asphalt testing for the roadway.
  • Prepared a complete geotechnical report summarizing our findings and provided recommendations for surface water control and erosions control, excavation, dewatering of excavations, fill placement and compaction, slopes and toe drainage, building lot and street subgrade, curb and sidewalk, and main access roads and parking areas.

Relevance of the Project

Our overall effort for the Burnside Business Park Expansion validates our knowledge and requirements for the following:

  • The project was completed safely, on time and within budget.
  • Coordination with subcontractors to develop and schedule the geotechnical investigation.
  • Close working relationships with CBCL Limited to ensure the investigation, inspection and materials testing recommendations met all requirements for the expansion.